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Many people wonder – at what point should I be calling a lawyer for my injury? The best answer I can give you is- right away. One of the main reasons is that all cases have time limits. Surprisingly, there is even a type of case that requires action within 24 hours after the injury. Another reason is that as soon as an accident is reported, the insurance companies assign highly trained professionals to investigate. Your attorney should be the one to deal with them because they are trained, not only to investigate accidents, but to make sure that the insurance company remains as profitable as possible by paying you as little as possible for your injuries. They often start by calling to get a recorded statement from you. You would tell them the truth, of course, but you need to be prepared to prevent them from twisting the truth around on you.

For example—Let’s say that you were in a car crash where you were stopped, but the driver who hit you says you were moving. It’s obviously important to your case to prove that you were stopped. The insurance company then calls and asks you a few seemingly harmless questions—

Were you stopped? Yes.

Are you sure? Yes.

Did your car have any damage to it before this crash? Definitely not.

Then, the insurance company hires a crash reconstruction expert who says that based on your statement and based on the examination of your car, your car must have been moving and you’re not telling the truth. What possibly could have gone wrong? Well, if you’re like most people, you have scuffed your hub caps or alloy wheels on a curbstone at some long-forgotten time in the past. Curb scuff marks have a slightly swirled pattern that only occurs when the wheels are turning. If you are watching my video you can see an example of what I mean. The insurance company expert conveniently puts two and two together: since you said your car had no damage before the accident and since your wheels now have scuff marks that only could have occurred while your wheels were turning, then you’re the one who was moving at the time of the crash. What went wrong here is that the insurance company tried to make you look like a fraud by taking unfair advantage of the fact that when you said your car had no old damage, you were probably thinking they meant obvious dents, not old curb scuff marks on your wheels.

In short, when you’re dealing with trained professionals on the other side, you should have one looking out for you.

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