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Miscellaneous Personal Injuries and Negligence Lawsuits in the Springfield, Mass., Area

There are many other kinds of injuries resulting from negligence.
There are many other kinds
of injuries resulting from negligence.

Prepared by Attorney Robert W. Shute, Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many other kinds of injuries resulting from negligence. They are too numerous to list but would include injuries from burns and explosions, construction site accidents, improperly maintained buildings, improperly filled prescription medications and defective equipment, machinery or tools.

To look at some of the categories mentioned in greater detail, one type of potential danger we all face is defective products in general. We take for granted the safety of virtually all the goods we use – vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, cars, bicycles, snowmobiles; appliances; tools, including power tools and tools with wheels such as lawnmowers and snow blowers; beverages and foods; toys; storage containers; over-the-counter and pharmaceutical medications; cleansers and household chemicals; sports equipment; …the list can go on. With all these products there is an implicit guarantee of their safety if used or operated in the manner they are intended to be. When something goes wrong, serious injury, trauma, or even death can result. Numerous personal injury cases – and even class action suits – have resulted from defective products and materials.

When parts or materials prove defective in a moving motorized vehicle or machine, the results can be catastrophic. Whether the vehicle is a car, SUV, light truck, pick-up truck, motorcycle, semi, RV, or tractor, accidents resulting from faulty design or workmanship often prove deadly – this is why well-publicized product recalls occur. Cars and other vehicles pose grave risks of injury if any safety feature is defective or fails under stress: airbags, seatbelts, door latches, or tires; also, if the roof crushes too easily, that can be a cause of terrible injury or death. A large number of personal injury lawsuits have resulted from such failures. One especially well known problem is sports utility vehicle (SUV) roll-overs; these vehicles are intrinsically more inclined to roll over in collisions or when a driver simply loses control in difficult weather conditions, posing a severe injury hazard to their occupants.

Spinal cord injuries, which often result from accidents on or with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters etc. – or even falls from horses – are particularly tricky, because the effects are often not apparent for several days or longer. The most well-known case is with whiplash, which generally happens when someone is hit from the rear. Symptoms can include headaches, referred pain to the shoulders, sensory disturbances, as well as back and neck pain. It is crucial that victims consult with a qualified lawyer specializing in such cases before giving any (recorded) statement to an insurance company; it is also critical to seek medical help soon after an accident even if injury is not apparent, and to document one’s harms and losses.

Life-threatening and life-altering burn injuries constitute another category. Such injuries often take many years to heal (involving skin grafts and other costly procedures), sometimes leave massive scarring, and incur a huge amount of pain, suffering, mental trauma, and cosmetic repercussions. Causes for burn injuries include fire, electricity, radiation, chemicals, hot liquids (including even commercial coffee), plant explosions, cooking accidents, disrepair of heating equipment, and many others. Some chemical fumes can burn the skin and the lungs with exposure. People can be burned at homes, at work, or in their car.

Another, increasingly prevalent type of injury is repetitive motion disorders. Sometimes termed musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), these generally affect muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves, and affect mostly the back, neck, upper limbs, and shoulders. The best-known variety of such injuries is probably carpal tunnel syndrome, which afflicts the wrist and arm and results from hand motions repeated thousands of times consecutively. MSDs usually develop gradually, caused by work activity itself or the working environment.

Unfortunately, our world is fraught with danger, and a personal injury lawyer with many years of experience has seen many seemingly unlikely eventualities come to pass. Some of the possibilities include collapsed building roofs or walls when construction projects or shoddy building standards are the cause; falling bricks or other debris from building structures, medications mistakenly prescribed or with the wrong dosage indicated…the list of possibilities is virtually endless.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident or through some person or organization’s negligence or carelessness, you owe it to yourself to consult with an experienced, competent, honest personal injury attorney. At the Law Office of Robert W. Shute, I have for over a quarter century concentrated specifically on such cases, and will frankly assess whether your claim is the basis for a successful lawsuit. Contact me through this site or by calling 413-592-0999 to set up a free, no-obligation introductory evaluation. My office is located conveniently in downtown Chicopee, MA, in the greater Springfield area of Western Massachusetts. If you are unable to come to me, I will visit you at your home or other location.